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1483 (Brentwood) Squadron
Air Training Corps
Drill and Parade

What's the point of drill and parade? You may think it doesn't have much to do with things like adventurous training, or leadership. That's not the case at all! It shows how disciplined and organised you can be as an individual, remembering instructions and carrying them out accurately. More importantly, it shows your ability to work in a team and is a way of displaying the high standards of dress and behaviour which air cadets are renowned for.

As a cadet you'll participate in various forms of drill, such as:

Foot Drill

Basic Drill (both quick & slow time)

Banner Drill

Band Drill

With a few years experience, and if you've attained a Non-Commissioned Officer rank, you could pass on your knowledge and experience to other cadets, instructing them on how to participate in a drill squad, taking charge of a drill squad yourself, or even playing a major part in ceremonial drill. Being a Standard Bearer at a Remembrance Day parade is a real moment of pride and achievement for a cadet.

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